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Tu Vida Hoiyon (Shiv Kumar Batalvi)


Sung by me


TooN Vida HoiyoN
Tu vida hoiyoN
Mere dil te udaasi CHa gayi,
PeeR dil di booNd ban ke
AkheeyaaN vich a gayi.

Door tak meri nazar
Teri paeR nu chumdi rahi,
Fer teri paeR
RaahaaN di miTi kha gayi.

Turan toN pahilaaN si
Tere joban te bahaar,
Turan piCHoN vekhiya
Ki har kali kumla gayi.

Us din piCHoN asaaN
Na boliya na vekhiya,
Ih zabaaN khaamosh ho gayi
te nazar pathra gayi.

Ishk nu saugaat jihRi
PeeR saeN tooN de giyoN,
ANt uheeyo peeR ‘Shiv” nu
KhaaNdi khaaNdi kha gayi.


English Translation:

You left,
And grief cast its pall over me.
My pain condensed into a drop
And rose into my eye.

For a great distance
My sight kissed your footprints,
Until the trail
Was swallowed by the dust of the road.

Before you left,
There was the bloom of your youth,
I turned around after you left
And every flower had wilted.

Since that day
I stopped speaking, I could not see.
My tongue was silenced
My sight turned to stone.

The pain that you gifted
To love,
Was the pain finally
That consumed ‘Shiv’


Loona (Shiv Kumar Batalvi)

Loona (Shiv Kumar Batalvi)

Legend of Puran Bhagat:
Puran was son of King Salvaan and Queen IchraaN, on his birth, astrologers told Salvaan that Puran is cursed, if he is seen by his parents he will die, so he is kept in isolation. In the mean time Salvaanmarries Loona a beautiful woman in her youth. When Puran’s curse is over, he comes out from isolation. Loona is charmed by his looks. She offers carnal love to him. But Puran does not accept it as he considersLoona to be his Mother. Loona conspires and makes Salvaan punishPuran. Puran is punished to be executed, but IchraaN pleads mercy and he is thrown into a well, from where Naath Jogis rescue him and he  is taught mysticism so he becomes Puran Bhagat.

English Story

Honorable father committed a sin
Married me to a wilted flower
Whose youth IchrraaN had worn out
I am like Puran’s mother, Puran is my match

I am just one kiss elder than him
But how can I be called his mother
He is not born of my womb
World, I am like a daughter to Salvan

If a father marries his daughter
World, isn’t that shameful
If Loona desires Puran
Why is she called characterless by the world

She may be called characterless
If Loona trades in pleasures
But if the parents don’t find a match
What’s shameful in finding yourself a match

Loona would have been guilty
Had her heart accepted the marriage
Had her essence been permeated
My essence is chaste, only I know

Source: Long poem Loona by Shiv Kumar Batalvi is retelling of thisLegend of Puran Bhagat where Loona is the protagonist instead of Puran.

Hindi Story

धरमी बाबल पाप कमायआ
लड़ लायआ साडे फुल्ल कुमलायआ
जिस दा इच्छरां रूप हंढायआ
मैं पूरन दी मां । पूरन दे हान दी ।

मैं उस तों इक चुंमन वड्डी
पर मैं कीकन मां उहदी लग्गी
उह मेरी गरभ जून ना आया
लोका वे, मैं धी वरगी सलवान दी ।

पिता जे धी दा रूप हंढावे
लोका वे ! तैनूं लाज ना आवे
जे लूना पूरन नूं चाहवे
चरित्र-हीन कव्हे क्युं जीभ जहान दी ।

चरित्र-हीन ते तां कोई आखे
जे कर लूना वेचे हासे
पर जे हान ना लभ्भन मापे
हान लभ्भन विच गल्ल की है अपमान दी ।

लूना होवे तां अपराधण
जेकर अन्दरों होए सुहागण
महक उहदी जे होवे दाग़ण
महक मेरी तां कंजक मैं ही जाणदी ।

जो सलवान मेरे लड़ लग्गा
दिन भर चुक्क फ़ाईलां दा थब्बा
शहरो शहर रव्हे नित्त भज्जा
मन विच्च चेटक चांदी दे फुल्ल खान दी ।

चिर होया उहदी इच्छरां मोई
इक पूरन जंम पूरन होई
उह पूरन ना जोगी कोई
उस दी नज़र है मेरा हान पछाणदी ।

हो चल्ल्या है आथन वेला
आया नहीं गोरख दा चेला
दफ़तर तों अज्ज घर अलबेला
मैं पई करां त्यारी कैफ़े जान दी ।

धरमी बाबल पाप कमायआ
लड़ लायआ साडे फुल्ल कुमलायआ
जिस दा इच्छरां रूप हंढायआ
मैं पूरन दी मां । पूरन दे हान दी ।


Shivanasamudra water falls, Karnataka

Shivanasamudra water falls, Karnataka


I was planning to take the family to a water fall that is near to Bangalore and not crowded. While doing research on google, I found there are many falls like pearl valley near Bangalore but very crowded and couples can’t think to go there.


The I found Hogenakkal and Shivanasamudra water falls and referred to some pics on the net and some you tube videos but Hogenakkal falls was around 250 km. The distance to Shivanasamudra falls was ~160 km, it was reasonable for one day trip. The suggested time (google maps) for one side trip to the fall was 3.5 hours, we decided to go there next day.

Shivanasamudra falls


We (our family and family friend family) wanted to start around 10 AM in the morning but we left Whitefield, Bangalore around 11 AM because we wanted to collect few food items and spare dresses in case we become wet in the water falls. These items can be kept ready on the previous day to save time on the trip day.

There were two routes suggested by google maps. We took Mysore road via NICE road with a toll payment of 90/-. What a good and smooth road the NICE road was, I could take my Honda Jazz to 160 km for few minutes until I saw a accident on the road involving 3 cars. We then took the Madduru Malavalli road to reach the falls.


On Mysore road, if you feel hungry, you can stop after Chanapatna on the right side on the road near Indradhanush – there are many restaurants – my favourite is MTR but this time due to kids we went to Dominos and had pan pizzas. This Dominos outlet was very clean and the pizzas were awesome. There is Cafe Coffee Day also where you can enjoy Irish Cafe Latte (my and my wife favourite).

Malavalli Road

DSC_6520 DSC_6523

DSC_6540 DSC_6536

Falls – Enjoy the Journey

On the way to the falls there are many spot you can enjoy but Barachukki falls (Shivanasamudra has two falls – Barachukki and Gaganchukki falls) is the main attraction. Even though destination is the reason of the journey but journey itself should be thoroughly enjoyed by stopping at places that you like – for example the Cauvery river flowing before reaching the falls. Its a very beautiful and peaceful view.


The Falls

I recommend you take photos but don’t waste all your time taking photos, you came here to enjoy the sight with your eyes to feel it. Photo taking for me is a waste unless you feel it.

When you enter the Barachukki falls, you have to pay 20/- to the forest guard for the entry. There is ample space for car parking after reaching the Barachukki falls, park the vehicles and be ready for the excitement. You can eat snacks from the road side vendors like bhel, fruits, ice cream etc.


The important thing to keep in mind is the time to go near the falls closes at 5 PM and the police present at the spot start moving the people at 4:30 PM itself, so plan accordingly.

To reach to the very near of the falls you have to take ~100 steps very steep staircase down. After reaching down you go in the water, feel the water, take bath.

I will recommend the round boat available there at 100 Rs per person (no charges for kids). The guide will take you to the bottom of the falls and tell him if you want to take shower, he will take very near to the fall. If he doesn’t go, offer him some extra tip. Just focus on the enjoyment, forget that your purse, phone or camera will become wet, either you can wrap them in plastic cover or don’t thinks about it.


After taking the boat and getting fully wet in the water, I took my kid (Aeparish) to the other side of the water where people were enjoying in the water, it was very difficult but equally thrilling to walk in the water due to sharp and big big stones bare footed. It is worth to try this walk and feel the stones and sometime fall down also to crack some jokes and feel the water.

After this, you can spend some time on the top to sit and relax or walk. But to reach to the top you have to climb up the staircase. Just cover 20-30 steps and take rest and continue. Have water with you throughout the journey.

Back to Bangalore

After this exciting journey and refreshing waterfalls, we headed to Bangalore using the same route. After this fulfilling journey back, we went to Kapoor’s Cafe on Varthur Road (Inside Gurkul Tennis Academy) for a wonderful and delicious food (5/5 rating for food).
All the best to you and have a fulfilling and memorable journey and experiences.

REAP 2015 – Class 2 (Introduction to Mechanics) by Prof. Vijay K. (ICTS, TIFR)


Prof. Vijay has also done REAP-Physics course in  2003-2004.

He took class on explaining basics of physics and mechanics.

Physics – Study of matter and its interaction.

2 Imp. questions:

  1. What is the world made of?
  2. How is  the world put together.

Emergence is very important concept in physics where big object is emerged from smaller components (e.g. atoms or molecule).

Can we do calculations for big object (e.g. ball, how it will move or bounce if you calculate the movement of individual components – individual atoms) from its components. This is very difficult.

Mechanics – Behaviour/Dynamics of system subjected to interaction/forces.

Kinematics – description of motion without knowing about interaction.

Then straight line motion was explained where d (distance) = v*t was plotted on different graphs.

REAP 2015 – Class 1 (Introduction to Physics) by Prof. Bala R. Iyer (ICTS, TIFR)


Dr. Bala explained about the basics of physics and different direction a researcher can take in physics. He also explained the seriousness in the research and value of mathematics in the research.

  • Constituent of matter
    •    Small scale: Atom -> Nuclei + Electron -> Quarks -> ? (Strings)
    •    Big scale: Objects -> Planets -> Star -> Galaxy -> Universe
  • Direction in physics:
    • Classical Mechanics (first year of REAP)
    • Special Relativity (2nd year of REAP)
    • Quantum Mechanics (2nd year of REAP)
    • Quantum Field Theory (QFT) or Particle Physics or High Energy Physics – Needs special tools like CERN LHC.

image source: wikipedia

  • Forces present in the nature
    • S – Strong interaction (responsible for binding the neutrons and protons inside the nuclei of atom)
    • W – Weak Interaction (responsible for beta decay)
    • G – Gravitation
    • E – Electromagnetic

Only theory proposed for electromagnetic force is complete, for other 3 fundamental forces, their theories are incomplete.

Daily life is dominated by electromagnetic force.

Universe is dominated by gravity.

Two charges at static gives coulomb equation ~ 1/r2 * q1 * q2

Charges at movement gives rise to the current.

Acceleration in current gives rise to Radiation (EMW) – Light.

Electricity + Magnetism + Optics = Considered one in modern physics.

Different theories are formulated to provide answers for different speed and size scale such as

EM + W = Electromagnetic + weak

EW + S = Unified Grand Theory

EW + S + G = Super string theory

If you interested in research and phd

I have collected some great websites that motivate you for the research and at the same time inform what it takes to do research. They also answer whether research is for you or not.