I am feeling very happy to write about the services.


Delivery was very fast in my case, next day of the order date.


Quality was also excellent in all the orders of toys and baby gears that i ordered. Once i got a broken baby walker, and i wrote them about the issue, they on the next day reverted back and gave me the refund after seeing the pictures of the defected material.

I ordered again the item i needed and received it fast.

In the last an excellent experience and customer satisfaction with the firstcry. Similar experiences i have from and


3 thoughts on “ review

  1. Great to know that you have had a lovely experience with firstcry…but mine has been the worst ever.
    My very first experience has been a nightmare. I had ordered for 3 pieces of clothing from first cry. I received a courier (first flight- who delivered only after repeated calls to them) which contained only 1 piece of clothing. When I complained to First cry about this omission, they said they had a problem at the warehouse level and they are sending the other 2 clothes. This time the package contained only 1 peice of clothing instead of 2. This time when i made a call, the customer service asked me to mail the picture of the package, which I promptly did only to be told by their customer service executives that they had sent all the items and there is no problem from their end and they are investigating it. Till date they have not resolved the issure nor have they refunded me for the clothing which they have not delivered.

  2. First Cry is Totally Fake Online shopping site please do not buy from this site because i have ordered one product and i received totally different from site they display product and when i talk to their customer care executive she is laugh with my problem like they have no any responsibility for customers so please friends don’t wast your time and money.. This is my order No : 991017MN38495135

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