Legend of Puran Bhagat:
Puran was son of King Salvaan and Queen IchraaN, on his birth, astrologers told Salvaan that Puran is cursed, if he is seen by his parents he will die, so he is kept in isolation. In the mean time Salvaanmarries Loona a beautiful woman in her youth. When Puran’s curse is over, he comes out from isolation. Loona is charmed by his looks. She offers carnal love to him. But Puran does not accept it as he considersLoona to be his Mother. Loona conspires and makes Salvaan punishPuran. Puran is punished to be executed, but IchraaN pleads mercy and he is thrown into a well, from where Naath Jogis rescue him and he  is taught mysticism so he becomes Puran Bhagat.

English Story

Honorable father committed a sin
Married me to a wilted flower
Whose youth IchrraaN had worn out
I am like Puran’s mother, Puran is my match

I am just one kiss elder than him
But how can I be called his mother
He is not born of my womb
World, I am like a daughter to Salvan

If a father marries his daughter
World, isn’t that shameful
If Loona desires Puran
Why is she called characterless by the world

She may be called characterless
If Loona trades in pleasures
But if the parents don’t find a match
What’s shameful in finding yourself a match

Loona would have been guilty
Had her heart accepted the marriage
Had her essence been permeated
My essence is chaste, only I know

Source: Long poem Loona by Shiv Kumar Batalvi is retelling of thisLegend of Puran Bhagat where Loona is the protagonist instead of Puran.


Hindi Story

धरमी बाबल पाप कमायआ
लड़ लायआ साडे फुल्ल कुमलायआ
जिस दा इच्छरां रूप हंढायआ
मैं पूरन दी मां । पूरन दे हान दी ।

मैं उस तों इक चुंमन वड्डी
पर मैं कीकन मां उहदी लग्गी
उह मेरी गरभ जून ना आया
लोका वे, मैं धी वरगी सलवान दी ।

पिता जे धी दा रूप हंढावे
लोका वे ! तैनूं लाज ना आवे
जे लूना पूरन नूं चाहवे
चरित्र-हीन कव्हे क्युं जीभ जहान दी ।

चरित्र-हीन ते तां कोई आखे
जे कर लूना वेचे हासे
पर जे हान ना लभ्भन मापे
हान लभ्भन विच गल्ल की है अपमान दी ।

लूना होवे तां अपराधण
जेकर अन्दरों होए सुहागण
महक उहदी जे होवे दाग़ण
महक मेरी तां कंजक मैं ही जाणदी ।

जो सलवान मेरे लड़ लग्गा
दिन भर चुक्क फ़ाईलां दा थब्बा
शहरो शहर रव्हे नित्त भज्जा
मन विच्च चेटक चांदी दे फुल्ल खान दी ।

चिर होया उहदी इच्छरां मोई
इक पूरन जंम पूरन होई
उह पूरन ना जोगी कोई
उस दी नज़र है मेरा हान पछाणदी ।

हो चल्ल्या है आथन वेला
आया नहीं गोरख दा चेला
दफ़तर तों अज्ज घर अलबेला
मैं पई करां त्यारी कैफ़े जान दी ।

धरमी बाबल पाप कमायआ
लड़ लायआ साडे फुल्ल कुमलायआ
जिस दा इच्छरां रूप हंढायआ
मैं पूरन दी मां । पूरन दे हान दी ।



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