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Tu Vida Hoiyon (Shiv Kumar Batalvi)


Sung by me


TooN Vida HoiyoN
Tu vida hoiyoN
Mere dil te udaasi CHa gayi,
PeeR dil di booNd ban ke
AkheeyaaN vich a gayi.

Door tak meri nazar
Teri paeR nu chumdi rahi,
Fer teri paeR
RaahaaN di miTi kha gayi.

Turan toN pahilaaN si
Tere joban te bahaar,
Turan piCHoN vekhiya
Ki har kali kumla gayi.

Us din piCHoN asaaN
Na boliya na vekhiya,
Ih zabaaN khaamosh ho gayi
te nazar pathra gayi.

Ishk nu saugaat jihRi
PeeR saeN tooN de giyoN,
ANt uheeyo peeR ‘Shiv” nu
KhaaNdi khaaNdi kha gayi.


English Translation:

You left,
And grief cast its pall over me.
My pain condensed into a drop
And rose into my eye.

For a great distance
My sight kissed your footprints,
Until the trail
Was swallowed by the dust of the road.

Before you left,
There was the bloom of your youth,
I turned around after you left
And every flower had wilted.

Since that day
I stopped speaking, I could not see.
My tongue was silenced
My sight turned to stone.

The pain that you gifted
To love,
Was the pain finally
That consumed ‘Shiv’


If you interested in research and phd

I have collected some great websites that motivate you for the research and at the same time inform what it takes to do research. They also answer whether research is for you or not.

We are one

god, religion, and many beliefs were given to me by my parents and people from family circle. I have my own thinking and rejects these teachings because I don’t see any difference between human from different religion.

We should not accept what is given to us by some one, we have brain to think, and analyse and accept what seems right as per our own view.

Pleasure of finding things out – Richard Feynman

Passion is the first and the main requirement for you to succeed in any walk of life.
It is first step that fills your heart and mind with interest and joy to pursue and ultimately achieve something.
To learn and innovate in something, you have to breathe it, live it and that is called passion.