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We are one

god, religion, and many beliefs were given to me by my parents and people from family circle. I have my own thinking and rejects these teachings because I don’t see any difference between human from different religion.

We should not accept what is given to us by some one, we have brain to think, and analyse and accept what seems right as per our own view.

Pleasure of finding things out – Richard Feynman

Passion is the first and the main requirement for you to succeed in any walk of life.
It is first step that fills your heart and mind with interest and joy to pursue and ultimately achieve something.
To learn and innovate in something, you have to breathe it, live it and that is called passion. review

I am feeling very happy to write about the services.


Delivery was very fast in my case, next day of the order date.


Quality was also excellent in all the orders of toys and baby gears that i ordered. Once i got a broken baby walker, and i wrote them about the issue, they on the next day reverted back and gave me the refund after seeing the pictures of the defected material.

I ordered again the item i needed and received it fast.

In the last an excellent experience and customer satisfaction with the firstcry. Similar experiences i have from and

If fevikwik falls on glass and you want to remove it.

Note: This blog may not be maintained anymore. Please check for more interesting content and learning.

Note: Please read all the comments before asking questions. Put some effort on reading what other users have written and done.

I am going to tell you the steps that you can take to remove nearly complete fevikwik that fell down on your glass item or any other plastic item. But for glass it is very good method and for plastic not that much good.

But before doing this, ask some from Pidilite by using their email id or phone from their website.

I would like to share with you my experience. I bought a new laptop some years ago, and after 2-3 months of purchasing incidentally fevikwik drops fell down on the laptop screen. I was very unhappy that now my screen is damaged and it will not look good watching movie and doing any other work also. I have experienced that if we use fevikwik on any surface it is very difficult to separate two joined surfaces but i could not try to remove it from my laptop screen with some screw driver of some tool that will damage it more.I didn’t do any thing for that on that particular day.

I thought for the next day what should i do,then a thought came to my mind, Fevikwik is manufactured by Pidilite. So, why not contact them since they are manufacturing it and should know its effects and ways to remove it from any surface. I immediatley dropped an email to them asking the question and on the next day i got my answer.

Check it below:

Dear Sunil,
Residue of cured FEVIKWIK is very difficult to remove if it falls on plastic surface such as key board etc.
If the surface is of metal or glass it is possible to remove the residue. Laptop screen is made of glass.
But the cleaning process is not easy. Solvent like ‘Nail Polish Remover’ has to be carefully applied (dropwise) using a small piece of cotton placed on that spot. After sufficient soaking the residue will become soft and come off.
Take care not to allow the solvent to flood or fall on plastic parts.

With Warm Regards
Manager-Technical Services
Ramakrishna Mandir Road, Andheri (East)
DID: 28357237

I used the Acetone solution to clean the fevikwik drops and i was really surprised with the results and happy too that i didn’t do hurry and used my mind properly.

Fire Safety Training and Drill in Our Office today

Dear Friends,

Today we had a fire safety training and mock drill to simulate the situation of actual fire and how to make you and other safe in that case.

But before that story, i would like to tell you some principles about fire.

Fire needs three things to start:

1. Fuel

2. Oxygen

3. Heat/Energy

If any one of these three things is missing then fire doesn’t start.

Now the basic principle for fire safety is to remove or stop the supply of any on of these three necessary things for fire start.

Now there are mainly 4-5 types of fuel:

1. Class A or Solid: Like paper, coal, and human itself is a big fuel, etc.

2. Class B or Liquid: Kerosene oil, Petrol, Mustard oil, etc.

3. Class C or Gaseous: LPG, Methane, etc.

4. Class D or Combustible Metals: Phosphorous, Sodium, uranium, etc.

5. Class E or Electrical equipment

and there are corresponding fire extinguisher to each class. Some fire extinguishers can be used for multiple class like ABC (can be used on solids, liquids, gas source of fire) or BC(liquids and gas). These are the labels on the fire extinguishers. Carefully check the type of fire extinguisher before use because it can be dangerous to use one type of extinguisher in all situation like you can’t use water in these situations:

1. Fire from short circuit.

2. Fire from oil.

In these type of situation powder type of fire extinguishers are useful. These powder type fire extinguishers are commonly known as DCP or Dry Chemical Powder.

Main type fire extinguishers are:

1. CO2 type

2. Foam type

3. Powder

4. Water, etc.

The main thing that instructor told us, in case you smell LPG gas in your house when returning from outside. Don’t switch on or off the electricity in any corner of the house because LPG may have been spread till that time in the entire house and when you will either switch on or switch off the electricity (it generates a spark) and this spark is the heat source for the LPGĀ  gas and you will be surrounded by the fire.

Make sure to close the LPG cylinder regulator before going outside your home for a long time (several days).

When you see fire near you, please shout loudly for help also and do what you can do meanwhile help arrives. Because this increase the possibility of survival.

In case the fire starts and there are electric circuits near by then don’t use water or you will be electrocuted. You can try to stop the fire with soil or sand or some towel, with briskly swinging the towel/cloth on the fire but be aware that fire doesn’t spread nearby.

And one of the important thing to overcome fire is that you should use your brain/mind also rather than just pushing hard to stop the fire (you may instead increasing the fire like you are putting water on fire from oil). So, use your mind in those cases.

Search the internet if you need more information. I will keep you updated once i get more information.