If fevikwik falls on glass and you want to remove it.

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Note: Please read all the comments before asking questions. Put some effort on reading what other users have written and done.

I am going to tell you the steps that you can take to remove nearly complete fevikwik that fell down on your glass item or any other plastic item. But for glass it is very good method and for plastic not that much good.

But before doing this, ask some from Pidilite by using their email id or phone from their website.

I would like to share with you my experience. I bought a new laptop some years ago, and after 2-3 months of purchasing incidentally fevikwik drops fell down on the laptop screen. I was very unhappy that now my screen is damaged and it will not look good watching movie and doing any other work also. I have experienced that if we use fevikwik on any surface it is very difficult to separate two joined surfaces but i could not try to remove it from my laptop screen with some screw driver of some tool that will damage it more.I didn’t do any thing for that on that particular day.

I thought for the next day what should i do,then a thought came to my mind, Fevikwik is manufactured by Pidilite. So, why not contact them since they are manufacturing it and should know its effects and ways to remove it from any surface. I immediatley dropped an email to them asking the question and on the next day i got my answer.

Check it below:

Dear Sunil,
Residue of cured FEVIKWIK is very difficult to remove if it falls on plastic surface such as key board etc.
If the surface is of metal or glass it is possible to remove the residue. Laptop screen is made of glass.
But the cleaning process is not easy. Solvent like ‘Nail Polish Remover’ has to be carefully applied (dropwise) using a small piece of cotton placed on that spot. After sufficient soaking the residue will become soft and come off.
Take care not to allow the solvent to flood or fall on plastic parts.

With Warm Regards
Manager-Technical Services
Ramakrishna Mandir Road, Andheri (East)
DID: 28357237

I used the Acetone solution to clean the fevikwik drops and i was really surprised with the results and happy too that i didn’t do hurry and used my mind properly.


117 thoughts on “If fevikwik falls on glass and you want to remove it.

  1. Sir,
    I have belt mobile pouch. The top of the cover with pressing was opened.whether it will fix if I use fevikwik

    1. Hi Siva,

      Yaar, you can try it by applying a very tiny drop and check if it works. I have never tried it but it should work.
      The main thing when trying for new thing is that you should start step by step of small quantity and as your confidence builds up then you can go on for the final steps easily. Or you can try on a similar material that is not in use or have been discarded by you or some one.

      1. Mah spectspcl breaked, I thought I joint mah spect with fevikvik bt it’s not joint nd some marks of fevikvik on mah spect so pls tell me how to remove fevikvik marks

  2. hi, Mandhan
    i have same problem fevikwik drops fell on my laptop screen due to my friend mistake can i remove it immediately with a nail polish remover please suggest me …. with regards Santosh

  3. helo,harsha

    fevikwik drop fall on my spectacle..please tell me how can i remove it..i tried with nail remover but it doesnt remove completely..please tell meas soon as possible….
    with regards harsha

    1. it can take some time for the removal completely. you have to be patient and try it more times if fevikwik is not going off.
      i contacted their customer care and they told me to do the things written in my blog. It worked in my case and should work in your case also.

      1. hey i got the same problem as harsha, will this method workout
        i tried but got no result

      2. I am not saying it will work, but it worked for me. It takes patience and time to do this process. It can take minutes (don’t expect it in few minutes or seconds).

        For more clarity, you can contact the manufacturers as i did.

  4. helo,harsha

    fevikwik drop fall on my spectacle lens..please tell me how can i remove it..i tried with nail remover but it doesnt remove completely..please tell meas soon as possible….
    with regards harsha

    1. Glad to know that you knew it already but when this problem occurred, i didn’t find anything on the web related to this.
      So, i though why not post it to help others solve problems.

    1. You can try the method give by me on a rough surface (similar to mobile back cover) and if successful then apply to your mobile phone.

      But don’t start with your mobile first as it may cause damages because i didn’t try on plastics.

      For more info, contact manufacturers of fevi quick.

  5. It works on Mac Book pro screen. Add a couple of drops of nail polish remover, allow to soak and then wipe with a microfibre cloth, apply pressure if necessary! It works

  6. If it falls on skin, apply generously SILVER SULFADIAZINE ( BURNHEAL /BURNOL) and rub it of with another finger.Do not try to remove with other chemicals.

  7. hey sunil..
    I am rohan..i tried d method..actually wat happened is..my spectacles broke..to fix d broken glass..i applied fevikwick..it wrked bt it left stains on the glass..i did dat cotton method..bt d little strands of cotton are getting struck there..on that crack..any idea wat shud i do..??

  8. feviquick is dropped into my root my nail,now my nail is very weak,how can i remove that with my root of my nail,my nail is fully spoiled with that,tell some remedies.

  9. Sunil sir, i used feviquick for breakage in my camera battery door, after that battery door was not opened, how to remove feviquick from that area…please tell me the solution.

  10. hi sunil, I have to remove leftover dried up feviquick on my cellphone. I tried to clean it by rubbing it with nail polish remover but seems like it is only cleaning the surface and not removing it….. do you have a solution for me please ?

  11. hi sunil, I have to remove feviquick on my cellphone battery . I tried to clean it by rubbing it with nail polish remover but seems like it is only cleaning the surface and not removing it….. do you have a solution for me please ?

    rajinder arya

  12. I am also rubbing with diesel but it is taking more time-12 to 24 hours.

    I need to clean the mobile phone surface on priority basis.

    Kindly suggest the solvent.

    Rajinder Arya

    1. One thing, it will not take 12-24 hours, you have to rub little hard also, it will take arouund 10-30 minutes max based on how you do it.
      In case of urgency, I will suggest you to contact the pidilite inustries from their website.

  13. Man..Thanks A lot, you saved my day. I had dropped it on my office desktop and i was worried that i might have to pay for the new one now. Thanks Again.

  14. hey sunil, shall i use the same method u used to clean your laptop screen for removing the marks caused by fevikwik on LED telivision screed..
    is it really safe to do that so…

  15. Sir,
    meri bhi help kado..actually meri bike ki headlight pe thoda sa feviquick gir gya tha to kya vo nikal sakta hai aur vo plastic hai..

    usko nikalne ki koi remedy btao plsss ..

  16. Hey please help me…. How to remove feviquick from iPad screen. I have tried nail paint remover. I am cleaning it with cotton but not working. Please help me. 😦

  17. Hey please help me…. How to remove feviquick from iPad screen. I have tried nail paint remover. I am cleaning it with cotton but not working. Please help me.

  18. sir,
    i have a mug that is broken i attached with feviquick but i attached wrongly now i want to dismantal the mug but how, any suggestion plz…

  19. Yo buddy it works
    Thanks yr
    I was realy upset about FEVIKWIK drop on my specs and i come to know about this solution from 1of my friend and i tried it and i was completely shocked after watching that it works properly…
    Thanks man thank you very much πŸ™‚

  20. hey,hiii
    can u tell m guys how to remove feviquick from
    my metal body mobile bcz of that my volume key is
    permantly being pressed…..:/

  21. Use a painting brush to apply nail paint remover so that remover covers the stain and then rub and wipe with cotton.

  22. sir,
    on body of my spectacles, drop of fevikwik has fallen and now how to remove it?… very upset.. give any suggestion please.

  23. Sir,
    I have a stainless steel rod and with my mistake I have pasted a plastic pipe on it with fevi quick so I request u 2plz help me

  24. I tried to stick ma mobile charger case but it didn’t work so now i want to remove feviquick.. how can i remove it plzzz help…

      1. M using Galaxy S5 for water resistant they hv tht part near charger pin, it came out so i tried feviquick but it didn’t work.. so i want to remove coz hv to gv it in company

      2. I treid nail polish remover, acitone n thinner 😦 it didn’t work.. tht mark still thr

  25. Hi

    Feviquick fell on my car desk board …how I remove it pls ?

    Hope someone help me to find a solution.


  26. Thank you sooooooooo much blogger for sharing this quick tip .. It helped a lot..
    I used fevi quick to fix my ear tops ,a very small daimond like shiny thing came out of it and when i tried to fix it, feviquick spreaded over a large area on my ear top and that shiny cute ear top become blur. 😦 i love that ear top its my favorite so i decided i ll fix this in anyway so i quickly google how to fix it and found your post and i used blue heaven nail polish remover to remove the stain and then scrached the feviquick with a pin and it came off after 7 mins and it was fixed and my ear top was saved!! I am really happy with the result. Thank you once again ,it helped a lot.. πŸ™‚

  27. I had drop some feviquick liquid on my mobile camera lens….and after much effort it is not coming out….how can i get rid of that stain?

  28. Mr. Mundan thank you for this blog. I had poured feviquick over my hand and touched a brick. And it stuck. Thank god it was my left hand. After reading ur blog I bought 3 bottles of acetone and applied it and it worked. Then my mother said even applying curds will work . So i am going to try out feviquick and curds tonight

  29. I m very unhappy because Maine 15 din pahle new car desire purchase ki but usme side beding lagate time usme fewiqwik gir gaya or uska mark pad gaya so plz rply a solution remove the mark

    1. Did you try any method? You should not worry on small marks (they are bound to happen on vehicles) unless they are obstructing your driving and looking really bad.

    1. No need to worry Suchandra. Sometime things doesn’t work but atleast you tried yourself and learned it. Try to understand how you can join it alternatively. Post your experience here also.

  30. Dear Sir/Madam

    i have a small makeup kit which the mirror has attached. The Mirror has broken How can i stick the Mirror with feviquick Please help me. Makeup kit is fabric.

    1. Hi Sulaikha,

      After joining the mirror with feviquick, you have to put the mirror back inside the fabric and close the fabric with needle and thread.
      If possible, can you post the picture of makeup kit and mirror? Sorry for the late response.
      First principle in any issue is to be cool and find out many alternative solutions from different areas.

  31. Dear sir/madam

    Please suggest me how can i attach a mirror with
    a feviquick for makeup kit its a fabric…. Please help me

  32. sir
    I hve a same problem that while using fevikwik it felt on my specs fibre glass ..pls help me out!!!!!

  33. Form long time I have been suffering this fevikwik problem on my mobile phone but today I have solved my problem. Thank you for solving my problem.

    1. Just try to dip your cloth portion into nail polish remover. But I don’t know what will happen to colours of the cloth. Is it creating inconvenience for you? If not, you can ignore it also.

  34. Hello Sir mere laptop kee LCD Screen Per FeviQuick Lag Gaya Hai To Mai Uss Nishan Ko Kaise Hatau.. Please Sir Reply Me… Please.. koi aesa Idea Jisse Screen New LAge..

  35. Hello sir I’ve fevi quick stain on my car and very desperate to remove it. Your kind advice will be helpful for best solution.

  36. sir. i am using an android phone suddenly fevikwik drop fall on the phone where we will keep the sim card now im not able to remove the sim,. so what is the solution to remove it. pls say me how to remove it

  37. I hi sir I used fevikwik for head phone now it’s not working properly so I want to remove it please tell me how can I removed it may be sholdeer joint ismissplsced pleas help

  38. haaaash….at least i am able to remove fewikwik off my spectacles’ glasses.and have started seeing things properly again .thankyou very much..fr this idea😊😊😊😊

  39. How to remove fewikwick stain in my iPhone back side plz tell me I’m very much worried about this it’s exactly down part of camera how to remove it

  40. Friends I have joint my broken Braslet with feviquick but afterwards I have seen I have stick it properly so how can I remove it or seperate the braslet is made up of metal

  41. Sir actually ,accidently a drop of fevikwik just fallen on the silicon part of the memory card(sd card). Plss suggest me a technique through which i cud recover all my data in my memory card .. at present my memory card is nt working .. 😒😩😭😭😭

  42. Sir actually ,accidently a drop of fevikwik just fallen on the on metal chip part of the memory card(sd card). Plss suggest me a technique through which i cud recover all my data in my memory card .. at present my memory card is nt working .. 😒😩😭😭😭

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